Alex Govier plays piano and accordion for you in Cornwall

For a Continental Atmosphere for your Event Book Me With My Accordion

Please Remember That I do actually live here in Cornwall and not 100 or more miles away (Unlike Many Musicians Who Have to Charge you a lot for travelling expenses) and therefore my fees are in a more affordable price range.


can add a special feel to a particularly themed occasion, such as with an Italian or French connection and accept bookings in Cornwall, within approximately 100 miles of Truro and Falmouth.

The picture of me on the left shows me with my latest Roland FR7x accordion which can excel at music with a French or Italian sound. The outdoor ambience and portability of course is one of the main advantages of this very special instrument.

The Roland accordion works just like a normal acoustic accordion and has no wires to plug in. In exceptionally large spaces it can be wired to am external sound system, but this is rare. I can also use it with extra speakers wirelessly.

It can sound like it is playing in a concert hall even outdoors and optionally I can use a lighter more jazzy bass and guitar sound to my accompanimentI can also interpolate many different instrumental sounds into my playing including, clarinet, sax, mandolin, guitar, violin or even full string orchestra etc.

Note that all the tunes below (and on the site) are exactly as I sound, no recording tricks, extra instruments etc.

In the case of the Roland accordion tunes below they are recorded direct onto USB from the normal sound output of the accordion

La Paloma If I never sing another Song Making Whoopee
Return to Me The Skye Boat Song La Mattinata
Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet South of the Border Under the Roofs of Paris

The Roland FR7-x - Digital Versatility Indoors or Outdoors

ll the accordion voicings are immaculate and respond to my touch and bellows control just as a conventional accordion would and I am free to play instantly, with no messy connections to an amp or mains electricity, just as on a conventional accordion. The only sign that it is in fact a highly advanced digital instrument is a tiny blue lcd style pilot light when I am using it

Subject to weather conditions it can be played anywhere outdoors with no power sockets or wiring and with no set-up and loading time it is a cost-effective choice also. It plays a range of music way beyond the norm usually expected of this instrument. But please note that I do not do folk music, Scottish, Irish or East European music - sorry!

A favourite YouTube video is here showing the musical possibilities of his Roland accordion and I think it is very unlike anything you have ever come to expect from an accordion

Connect with our Facebook page Alex Govier Wedding Piano or Accordion in Cornwall. Hear my music on, both for Roland accordion and the beautiful sound of my Roland Digital piano. Or why not ask for a no obligation quote for me to play at your special event by just clicking here

Alex Govier plays his New Victoria Accordion For You In Cornwall

Despite his expertise at getting amazing effects out of the Roland accordion, Alex has once again become interested in the original acoustic reed ccordion and has bought a top ranking Italian Victoria Accordion after a trip to Italy

This accordion is amazing in its own right, being the model played by premier jazz accordionists Frank Marocco and Richard Gallia no and one of these highly prized instruments was even recently purchased to order from the Castelfidardo factory by Andrea Bocellli

The acoustic accordion has an expressive quality and possibilities way beyond what you hear normally, and Alex was so impressed with what he could get from his Victoria accordion that he decided to share his discoveries with a website devoted to improving the sounds of accordionists everywhere.

This website is growing in scope daily and postings on it are echoed to a Facebook Page called Accordionwise Friends so that visitors to the website need not miss new points made on its blog, nor new sections added to the main part of the website.

y Roland Accordion has proved invaluable for exploring new musical avenues such as my joint venture with ex New York Jazz pianist Michelle Saacks to form Jazz Cafe, now renamed as CAFE MOODS with which we do a very wide selection of material. This was taken at our appearance at the 2011 Holifair Festivaland this year we did the Scorrier House Great Estates Fstival.

If interested in this aspect please visit the Cafe Moods Facebook channel page or the Jazz Cafe YouTube channel where you will find around 20 music videos to listen to of our unusual musical combination and the wide selection of different material we draw on for this project.

To discuss possible uses of the acordion music please Contact me by phone on Mobile 07769 732287 or E-mail me on I am interested in all your ideas for public events or private parties, weddings, anniversaries, garden parties and much more.

Contacting me is as easy as clicking the images on either side or even just TEXT ME an enquiry on 07769 73 22 87.

I am very easy to deal with, will give you time to consider and will not automatically assume your booking is confirmed.

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