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Alec Garfield John Govier, Garfield Samuel John Govier, Olive Govier of Cornwall Family pictures

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The Ford Anglia car we started with

Showing my first car, a Ford Anglia with an amazing top speed of about 55mph, with me aged about 18 and my parents, Olive and Garfield Govier standing proudly by. Taken outside 13 Chacewater Hill, Chacewater, where we (and my grandfather Samuel John Govier) lived with a fully digital Kodak Brownie box camera!


A picture taken of me and my mother by my Grandfather Samuel John Govier when he was in his eighties. The location was the back garden at Chacewater Hill.

He was still a very keen photographer and this shows a family joke where we got tired of smiling for the camera and made sure we looked miserable.

Even my first dog, Candy, managed to join in the spitit of things with the expression on her face!

We have to admit now that even at the great age he was at, he still showed fine composition ability in making this photograph.

The photo was taken when I was about 14 I think, with my Box Brownie camera and shows remarkable enduring quality

This is my Grandfather, Samuel John Govier aged 83 and sat down  holding my dog on his lap in the back garden at Chacewater.

After some requests here is a recently rediscovered picture of my Grandfather, Samuel John Govier, pioneer photographer and later grocer in Chacewater, Cornwall with his sister Mes. Bessie Olver in the garden of her tiny cottage in the village.

It was coloured by him in later years when he spent hours in his front room in Chacewater Hill with some special paints for colouring black and white photos.

Another picture of my grandfather in his sister's garden, - the photo was coloured by him by hand.


A very rare picture of my Aunt Bessie, Bessie Govier who became Mrs. Bessie Olver possibly after this picture was taken. Everyone seemed to have the same hairstyle in those days, before the erea of the corner beauty salon!
My grandfather with his wife Annie in Perranporth, I think in the gardens with the boating lake, which still exiests there.
I find this picture a little confusing. The inscription says, My Father aged 21, 1892 and the inscription would normally have been by my grandfather, but I think in this case was written by my own father Garfield Samuel John Govier, so was of my grandfather, the photographer, and the dates would confirm this.

There was once a very large framed picture of my great grandfather, but so large it must have been too big to keep unfortunately.

I can say however that he looked exactly like my father from his 50s up but with a white beard as well as having little other hair on his head and with a similar benevolent expression on his face. We always commented on the uncanny resemblance between them.

My mother, my grandfather and grandmother and myself in a photo coloured later by my grandfather, probably in his 80s. My mother looking adoringly across at me. Wasn't she so pretty? virtually all her life actually, but maybe I am a little bit prejudiced.
A fashionable vignetter style photo of my grandmother Annie Govier (nee Coleman), probably taken and produced in that form by my grandfather Samuel John Govier. He was never known as Samuel, only John, as far as I am aware, by his family and friends
I think this was my grandmother in the Chacewater Hill garden, again coloured by my grandfather and the image digitally restored by myself, note the waterbutt in the background, there being no mains water available at the time in the village, the good water was brought up from the village chute, a couple of hundred yards down the road!
My mother and father, Garfield and Olive Govier at Perranporth around 1940. This must have been just before he was despatched to Egypt for five solid years. I never met him till I was five years old, but he was a great dad, who entertained me with his imagination and illustrated bedtime stories. The photo was of course coloured by the famlous photographer himself laterr when in his eighties.
What a fine-looking couple, my parents Garfield and Olive Govier, an early photo, taken by my grandfather and later coloured by him. Could have been an engagement photo acutally
Another photo coloured by the Monet of the photo colouring world, my grandfather Samuel John Govier. My father, in his trademark shorts, my mother, myself and our dog Candy, the only one who was accurately coloured in this picture I think, but then he did have a limited range of colours to choose from.
I wonder who this boy organist could be, pictured at Hinde Street Methodist Church, opposite Trinity College of Music in Mandeville Place, London

Another of our specially posed serious photos taken by my grandfather and still showing his ability as a photographer.

The striped blazer was the original design uniform for Truro School.

Later versions were a more sober navy blue.


A photograph of my mother in the back garden at Chacewater. Probably taken by me.A group picture at a special occasion, probably outside Newquay Wesley.



The central pair seems to be a rather untypical photo of my parents Olive and Garfield Govier

The cup that cheers but does not inebriate. Showing off the teacups probably in an outside cafe visited by the Newquay Fellowship or similar occasion.

My father is on the left and I am in the middle, my mother I think is second from right. I was rightly proud of the Kodak Brownie Box camera that took this picture. It cost I think about 6. Well it was the de-luxe version with a filter to slide in.

My other grandparents Eliza Jane and Richard John Rowe. Unfortunately I lost him early on, though he was a great favourite with me. He was a fine tenor singer in Redruth Wesley Methodist Church Choir and used to work for Climax Steel Works in Camborne, though he continued to be active in retirement, acting as caretaker for Richard Trevithicks historic house in Redruth and for the auctioneers.

Here they are again specially posed in the front room. It was nice relatively colourful wall paper for those days I remember.

The front room was only used for special occasions, such as Christmas and sadly after my grandfather`s funeral

I did not know such an early photo of my other grandparents existed but here they are Dick Rowe and his wife Liza Jane Rowe and of course my so very pretty mother. Her mother here I think in this picture gives a hint of where these good looks came from. This my other grandfather was a lovely man with a fine tenor voice in Redruth Wesley choir, who I adored and lost much too young when I was about 12 years of age.

My mother, Olive Govier, aged probably about 88 I think in one of her favourite restaurants we went to in Cornwall. Sorry about the quality of the picture, I will try to get some better ones together gradually for this page. It was done with a camera phone, like several on this page, but when you are taking a photo of an 88 year old person you need a fast shutter speed to keep up with them!

Here is my mother at King Charles Nursing Home, Falmouth, a few years ago.

Not too bad a picture really. As you can see she not only definitely has all her wits about her, but is probably about to offer some words of ctiticism!

Garfield Govier in Falmouth Hospital
Here is quite a good picture of my dad, Garfield Govier, on one of his better days in Falmouth Hospital aged 94, only a few months before he died. It was very comforting that he and my mother were actually in hospital together for several months, their health having collapsed at the same time, a strangely fortunate occurence as it happened They were Falmouth Hospital Mascots and were originally put into a ward together that the staff christened "The Honeymoon Suite"

Another photo taken about the same time of my dad in Falmouth Hospital, also aged 94.

A favourite photo of my mum and Dad Olive and Garfield Govier, taken at Denyer Court where they lived in sheltered housing for a while. This was only two or three years ago.

The extremely poor quality is because it is a photo of a photograph and not a scan of it. They were not really so blotchy looking!

The original, which I may find later to substitute is extremely good in fact and was taken by the warden of the flats, Cynthia Bradley.

Well this is me, Alex or Alec Govier, according to the time of day with my favourite but now sadly deceased cat, Felix about 18months ago.

 He did however survive to a very  healthy 21 and a half years old. As you can see he so devoted to me that he was actually difficult to get rid of, even when I was sat at the computer.

This is taken with the web-cam and shows he would insist on helping!


And this is a recent picture of me in the shop, The Music Box 30/31 The Lanes, Meadowhall Centre, Sheffield S9 1EP

Well, we had to get a plug in here somewhere.

And apologies for the tie by the way

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